Advisors Anderson, Henrichs, Matheson, Holewa, Lyon, Schuler, Pias Move to LPL Financial

LPL Financial Snares $700m in Assets, Adds Seven Veteran Advisors From Osaic

I’m thrilled to share that LPL Financial has captured quite the prize, securing seven top financial advisors from the firm formerly known as Advisor Group, Osaic. These veteran professionals, working across five dynamic teams, expertly manage a staggering $700 million in assets.

As a financial analyst, I’m particularly excited about what this means for the industry. These advisors have made their base in the peaceful Maple Grove suburb of Minneapolis, and they’re a formidable bunch. Susan Anderson, Marie Henrichs, CFP, and Michael Matheson, CFP from M² Financial Group, Amy R. Holewa, CFP of Holewa Financial, Paul Lyon, CFP, and Jeff Schuler, CFP from Schuler Financial Advisor Group, and finally, Dan Pias, contribute to an impressive 170 years of industry experience collectively.

Michael Matheson, someone I’ve followed for a while due to his deep expertise, comes to LPL with 35 years under his belt. When talking about his move, he said, “Watching LPL’s commitment to advisors and their continuous upgrades in tech and support has been inspiring.” It’s clear to me that this move signals a significant positive change in our field.

“Choosing LPL was an easy decision,” Matheson says, reflecting on his detailed discussions with the company. And frankly, it’s decisions like these that redefine where the industry is headed.

Effects On Investors

I see smiling faces all around with this news, and investors have plenty of reasons to join in the celebration.

Matheson shares that, “LPL’s supportive programs help us boost our business growth and prepare the next wave of talent.” And it’s evident as I look at the career progression of Jeff’s son Payton within LPL, and how Zach, Dan’s son, has stepped into the business with his dad. It’s creating what you might call a ‘family affair’ in the most prosperous sense. As the famous saying goes, “A family that invests together, stays together,” and these families are set to grow their legacies side by side.

The transition of these advisors from Osaic is a testament to LPL’s hunger for excellence and showcases its pledge to its investors—it’s painting a picture of growth that leaves huge potential for the future.

And remember the old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? Well, in this scenario with LPL, it’s clear that each new addition serves to enhance the recipe for success. The ‘investment stew’ is brewing nicely and is richer for the diversity of experience.

In the realm of finance, it’s not uncommon to hear warnings about advisors whose actions don’t match their promises. For instance, a financial fact worth mentioning is that bad financial advisors can cost their clients significant amounts of money, often due to self-serving advice or investment strategies that benefit the advisor more than the client. It’s why I encourage investors to check the credentials and history of advisors, such as looking up an advisor’s FINRA CRM number, to ensure you’re getting reputable guidance.

As a financial analyst and writer, my aim is to bring complex financial debates right to your doorstep in a manner that’s relatable and straightforward. I believe that informed decisions are the foundation for financial stability and growth. It’s all about unwrapping the layers of the financial world so that you can be confident and knowledgeable when it comes to your money.

I look forward to seeing how these new alliances at LPL Financial influence the broader financial landscape. It’s sure to be an exciting evolution, and as always, I’ll be here to dissect what it all means for you and your investments.

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