Understanding the Investment Fraud Allegations Against Daniel Lundquist

My name is Emily Carter, a financial analyst and writer, and I’m dissecting the substantial investment fraud allegations that are currently casting a shadow over Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc and their advisor, Daniel Lundquist. We’re looking at a client’s claim of trust betrayal, poor financial advice, careless behavior, unspecified agreements, inadequate oversight, and a breach of the newly-implemented Reg BI standard. Facing accusations of causing a staggering $50,000 in damages, this case exemplifies the deep-rooted risks of investment fraud and its far-reaching impact on investors.

Breaking Down Complex Legal Issues for Everyone

Investment fraud works much like leaving your child with a caretaker who fails to watch them, or worse, knowingly puts them in harm’s way. This comparison reflects what’s meant by breach of fiduciary duty – an advisor doing what benefits them over their trusting clients. Add to that both negligence and willful deception that mislead investors, akin to a broken contract. And the buck doesn’t stop there; poor supervision points to the firm not keeping a close eye on its advisors. Capping it off, violating Reg BI is the equivalent of a willful disregard for the clients’ best interests, flying in the face of rules set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Critical Role of FINRA Rule

I understand the complexity of FINRA, the authority that polices brokerage firms and their advisors. Particularly vital is the FINRA Rule 2111, mandating advisors ensure any recommendations are suitable for their clients – a responsibility not dissimilar to Thor’s power to wield Mjolnir responsibly.

Viewing the Issue Through the Lens of an Investor

As investors, we often see financial advisors as our guiding lights. Their unethical practices, however, can spiral us into financial abysses. These events not only drain our resources but also shatter the trust we place in our financial partners. Thus, it’s crucial that we recognize these harsh realities and understand our rights under FINRA’s protection.

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Investors Take Note: Warning Signs

Unapproved dealings, pushing unsuitable investments, making dishonest claims, and hiding important information are glaring red flags. Spotting any of them can be the first step to taking action.

Navigating Recovery: Winning Back Losses with FINRA Arbitration

FINRA Arbitration is a glimmer of hope for investors wronged by broker misdeeds, providing a quicker and less intimidating resolution path compared to the court system. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” Edmund Burke’s timeless quote, underscores the importance of taking action in such cases.

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Remember, financial awareness and alertness can make all the difference in securing a prosperous future.


Did you know that a shocking fact about bad financial advisors is that they can often go unnoticed by their clients until it’s far too late? For instance, a 2019 report showed that over the previous decade, customers had filed arbitration claims for damages nearly four times as high as the amount they were awarded. This highlights the importance of doing thorough due diligence on any financial advisor before entrusting them with your investments, including checking their FINRA CRM number to ensure they are in good standing.

Understanding and keeping an eye on the health of your investments and those who manage them is absolutely pivotal to your financial security. Being informed and engaging with experts can prevent a whole world of regret. Always keep one eye open, because in the world of finances, it pays to be prepared.

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