Ex-David Lerner Broker Martin Lerner Faces Regulatory Investigation Over Unsuitable Investments

Investigation Into Alleged Misconduct of Martin Lerner,

Finance and legal sectors can often be a challenging maze to navigate, especially for investors who are attempting to secure their financial futures. Martin Lerner’s (CRD #: 871938) current case is a stark reminder of the type of challenges investors can face. As revealed on his BrokerCheck record, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is currently conducting a regulatory investigation into his alleged misconduct.

Case Details and Impact on Investors

FINRA’s preliminary investigation into Lerner’s activities began on March 18, 2024. The regulators alleged that Lerner violated two key regulations, FINRA Rule 3110 and FINRA Rule 2010, through unsuitable recommendations. These allegations centered on Lerner’s reported failure to adequately supervise the sales of Energy 11, L.P. and Energy 12, L.P.

This ongoing investigation could have severe implications for his investors. Two previous disputes were settled for a hefty sum of around $423,000. Additionally, there are four other settled disputes on his record. To quote the famous financial journalist, Andrew Ross Sorkin, “The best investment advice often seems counterintuitive, including the idea that there is such a thing as doing nothing and still achieving your financial goals”. These settlements provide evidence that investors were forced to do more than just ‘nothing’ to rectify their situation and reclaim their lost finances.

Did you know? Statistics point to the fact that out of all the financial advisors in the U.S, approximately 7-8% have had a complaint filed against them.

Background and History of Martin Lerner

Lerner has an extensive background in the finance industry, having passed several Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) examinations including Series 1 Registered Representative Examination, and others. Despite his expertise, the former registered broker with David Lerner Associates and First Investors Corporation is now facing serious allegations.

His comprehensive academic achievements, as well as his affiliations with reputable firms, indicates a high level of proficiency. Yet, his investors are currently bearing the brunt of his alleged misconduct.

Understanding FINRA Rules

FINRA rules are crucial guidelines meant to protect investors against unsuitable recommendations. According to FINRA Rule 2111, suitable investments are defined as securities that fit within an Investor’s profile including their age, risk tolerance, tax status, investing experience, and financial goals. Allegedly, Lerner recommended investments like Energy 11, L.P. and Energy 12, L.P. which are considered high risk, hence potentially unsuitable.

Furthermore, FINRA Rule 3110 mandates brokers and their firms to establish a comprehensive system of supervision, ensuring compliance with security regulations. This also encompasses the obligation of appointing capable supervisors and providing them with Written Supervisory Procedures (WSPs).

Both regulations are designed to uphold the integrity of financial transactions, suggesting that any violation of these could have severe repercussions.

Implications and Lessons

Penalties for violating FINRA rules can be severe, including monetary penalties, suspension or even permanent barring from the industry. These consequences are not only for the brokers but can also extensively affect the investors they serve. This is a sobering reminder for all investors to be vigilant when dealing with financial advisors. It is crucial to ensure your advisor not only has the expertise but also adheres to the industry rules and regulations designs to protect your investments.

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