Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A., an investor rights law firm, is currently seeking information in connection with claims against DANIEL JAMES BURFEINDMORGAN STANLEY, WAYZATA, MN. This webpage has been created to facilitate the process.

If you have incurred losses resulting from your association with him, we encourage you to join many others in contributing to your experience by posting a comment or contacting the author(s) directly. Your contribution could prove vital in any investigation or proceedings that may result from this effort. We assure you that your identity will not be shared with anyone.

Investment scams are not new, but the variety and frequency appear to be on the increase. Without the scale and means to carry out a detailed study of a target investment, it is the retail investor who becomes a victim of such scams. The unfortunate aspect is that the investor often becomes a victim of the greed of the person whose job it is to offer advice with the objective of protecting her interest; the investment advisor or broker.

FinancialAdvisorComplaints continues its efforts to make information regarding investment scams available in the public domain. Information shared by our members might have been a contributor to the SEC taking disciplinary action against errant brokers and advisors, in some cases only days after the information appeared on the website. However, information published on Gripeo.com being the cause of SEC action has not been responded to.

Our objective is to enable investors wronged by broker-dealers and investment advisors to pursue FINRA arbitration claims with the broader goal of curbing malpractices in the investment industry by bringing them to light. The information available on FinancialAdvisorComplaints.com should not be construed as legal advice.

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