Mark Barrand (Ameriprise Financial) Complaint Filed

Understanding the Complaint Against Mark Barrand of Ameriprise Financial

My name is Emily Carter, and I specialize in financial analysis and writing, with a keen focus on assisting individuals through the often perplexing realm of investments and financial guidance. I have been monitoring numerous complaints lodged at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – or FINRA, as it is frequently referred to – concerning an individual named Mark Barrand, who serves as an investment advisor at Ameriprise Financial. There are legitimate accusations indicating that Mr. Barrand might not have fully disclosed necessary information to his clients, possibly guiding them towards investment strategies that weren’t aligned with their needs.

Mark Allen Barrand is based in Denver, and though currently with Ameriprise Financial, his professional journey has seen him move from other firms such as Cetera Advisors, Legacy Advisor Services, and Legacy Financial Services over his 14-year career. Issues around suitability hinge on whether suggested investments align with the client’s financial goals, tolerance for risk, and investment timeline. When they don’t, that misalignment can hit the investor’s pocket hard.

A Closer Look at Mark Barrand’s Track Record

For those considering professional investment guidance, reviewing a potential advisor’s track record is a good starting point. Here’s a snapshot of the claims filed against Barrand, which you can find detailed in his BrokerCheck record:

October 2008 An accusation of misrepresentation that was not pursued further.
January 2010 Claims of misrepresentation and negligence that led to a $20,000 settlement dating back to his time at Legacy.
January 2018 A denied claim involving misrepresented variable annuities and investment trusts.
February 2018 A denied claim of an unsuitable investment recommendation.
February 2019 Settled for $22,500, the allegations included fraud and unsuitable investment advice.
January 2020 A settlement of $14,000 concerning recommendations of unsuitable REIT and investment fund options.
September 2020 A currently open claim for $150,000 in damages over unsuitable investments.
February 2021 Claims of unsuitable illiquid alternative investments and excessive commissions, with damages sought amounting to $125,000.
February 2021 Damages of $25,000 sought over allegedly unsuitable recommendations while at Cetera Advisors.

Advice for Affected Investors

It’s crucial to realize that suitability matters. In fact, Warren Buffett, the sage of Omaha once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” If your financial advisor has led you astray with unsuitable recommendations, it is your right to seek damages, but the process is far from simple and frequently necessitates expert legal counsel.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Haselkorn & Thibaut have become adept defenders of investor rights, often confronting major broker-dealers like Cetera and Ameriprise through FINRA arbitration claims on behalf of clients.

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One financial fact that may surprise you is that bad financial advisors can sometimes go unchecked for years – until it’s too late for their clients. Remember, anyone can check a financial advisor’s past conduct. It’s essential: a study by the Securities and Exchange Commission found that 7.3% of advisors with misconduct records are repeat offenders. You can verify the status and history of any financial advisor in the US by reviewing their FINRA BrokerCheck record.

If you believe you’ve been tangled up in unsuitable investment practices or worse, been defrauded, I urge you to connect with a seasoned team of investor lawyers. For those who may have worked with Mr. Barrand or others in similar predicaments, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a complimentary case evaluation. The team can be reached nationwide at 1-800-856-3352.

As an informed investor, it’s imperative to engage with trustworthy and transparent financial advisors. If you’re finding yourself navigating these troubled waters, stand your ground and seek the support you deserve. Your financial future is too important to leave in the wrong hands.

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