Moloney Securities & Edward H Prince Sued over Alleged GWG L Bonds

From the vast Midwest plains to the bustling cityscape of Missouri, a contentious legal battle is taking shape. It involves an unsuspecting couple, their hard-earned savings, and a well-known brokerage firm. At the heart of this dispute is Edward H Prince, a broker with nearly two decades under his belt, affiliated with Moloney Securities Co., Inc.

Kansas Residents Face a Retirement Setback

I’d like to introduce a couple from Kansas, who entered 2021 with dreams of a leisurely retirement, placing their trust in Prince’s investment advice. By April 2022, that very advice left them facing the grim possibility of significant financial loss, with nearly 90% of their investment at risk due to bankruptcy proceedings.

Imagine pouring $140,000 into GWG L bonds based on the guidance of your financial advisor, only to witness the issuer, GWG Holdings, declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy a year later.

From Promises to Bankruptcy Proceedings

Images of relaxed retirement days were shattered for the couple when GWG Holdings missed a critical interest and principal payment in December 2021. Despite these warning signs, the lawsuit claims Prince and Moloney Securities did nothing to divest from the bonds. The crux of the matter is the alleged unsuitable investment of a large portion of the couple’s retirement savings into high-risk, non-rated bonds.

The Fallout of Poor Financial Guidance

Retirement should be a time of peace, not one overshadowed by financial turmoil. The Kansas couple is now embroiled in a legal fight, accusing Prince and Moloney Securities of negligence, inadequate supervision, and failing to uphold their duty to act in the clients’ best interest. The damages from these alleged missteps? Approximately $140,000.

These accusations hinge on the violation of FINRA’s regulations focused on an investment portfolio’s “over-concentration” in risky assets, which goes against the conservative nature of the clients’ investment profiles.

If you’ve experienced financial distress due to recommendations from Moloney Securities or Prince, specifically concerning GWG L Bonds, pursuing a recovery through a FINRA arbitration may be within reach. I recommend consulting with an attorney who specializes in securities law.

The courtroom drama unfolds, garnering attention and raising hopes for justice and newfound wisdom. This unfolding story is a stark reminder of an often ignored truth: “The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘This time it’s different.'” as Sir John Templeton once said. Investments entail risk, and neglecting to fully appreciate the dangers can lead to irreversible financial damage.

**Financial takeaway:** A shocking fact is that a considerable number of financial advisors have been found guilty of improperly managing their clients’ assets. To put this into perspective, let’s consider that according to research, over one in thirteen advisors has faced disciplinary action for misconduct. When searching for financial guidance, always cross-reference an advisor’s history with their FINRA’s BrokerCheck to ensure you’re dealing with a trustworthy professional.

It’s my firm belief that understanding the complexity of financial instruments is crucial for all investors. I’m here to break down the often convoluted language that can act as a barrier between you and your financial well-being. Whether you’re deep into your investment journey or just starting, stay informed, seek clarity, and above all, make sure whoever is advising you has your best interests at heart.

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