Hagin Richeson Under Investigation for Possible Investor Claims

I can’t help but emphasize the distress many feel when facing financial losses, especially if caused by unreliable financial advice. This worry has become a stark reality for investors placed in a tough spot due to questionable recommendations from Hagin Gifford Richeson, a securities broker out of Clearwater, Florida. There’s an ongoing investigation to look into claims that, if confirmed, point to serious mishandling under the enforcement of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulations.

The Cost of Inappropriate Advice

As an analyst for Corinthian Partners LLC, Richeson is currently up against significant allegations – a claimant is asking for a staggering $9,000,000 in restitution, arguing they faced financial harm from allegedly inadequate corporate bond recommendations. These allegations, pinpointing Richeson on October 2, 2023, were submitted under FINRA Arbitration No. 23-02495. The core of this case is whether Richeson neglected his duty to thoroughly vet investments – an essential responsibility he has towards his clients.

Charges of Distortion and Exclusion

Just a few months earlier, in May 2023, another client charged Richeson with distortion of facts and leaving out critical details, both undermining Florida securities statutes and FINRA standards. The gripes, logged under FINRA Arbitration No. 23-01190, also concentrated on corporate bond dealings. Even though the client eventually retracted the complaint, the suspicion surrounding Richeson only grew.

Penalties for Non-Sanctioned Operations

Then, in December 2022, the situation intensified when the Florida Office of Financial Regulation imposed penalties on Richeson for providing advisory services without proper authorization, an affair supposedly taking place during his time at Corinthian Partners Asset Management LLC. This breach of Florida Statutes Section 517.12(4) resulted in a $4,000 fine along with a Cease and Desist directive. Richeson agreed to pay, but the stain on his name isn’t as easily removed.

FINRA’s watchdog role is pivotal in shielding investors. Advisors like Richeson, when accused of sidestepping their professional obligations, might face stiff repercussions. Scenarios like neglecting proper research, dispelling inappropriate advice, or falsifying information all contravene FINRA’s guidelines, laying the groundwork for risks to investors.

If you fall into the unfortunate category of individuals who have wrestled with financial losses through dealings with Hagin Richeson—or any other advisor who may have let you down—remember that you’re not without options. While we can’t turn back time, there’s strength in being informed – grasping these violations equips you for better financial defense. As I track the Richeson case, I’ll be delivering updates on how FINRA arbitration seeks to resolve such disagreements and secure the rights of investors.

Warren Buffett once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” This rings particularly true when facing a stat that reveals over a fifth of investors don’t fully investigate their financial advisors’ backgrounds. Remember to scrutinize their track record before entrusting them with your financial future. For a closer examination of Hagin Gifford Richeson’s work history and disciplinary actions, you can examine his FINRA record.

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