Arete Broker Ray San Pedro Faces Fraud Accusations: $558K in Damages Sought

Examining the Allegations Against Ray Anthony Garrido San Pedro

In recent industry news, Registered Broker Ray Anthony Garrido San Pedro of Arete Wealth Management, LLC in Sunrise, FL, is facing customer dispute allegations of “fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duties,” with the damage amount requested by the customer totaling $558,215, as released by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This filing is currently pending.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin. Observing this investing wisdom can be seen as a protective measure for investors, especially in light of the seriousness of these allegations against San Pedro. It’s paramount for investors to understand that a breach of fiduciary duty, along with fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, can have devastating financial consequences. This could potentially compromise an investor’s security, life savings or retirement funds. Abiding by Benjamin Franklin’s advice, it’s crucial investors stay informed about whom they trust with their investments.

Digging into Ray Anthony Garrido San Pedro‘s Background

San Pedro entered the securities industry in 2002, working with several firms– two of which FINRA has expelled–before joining Arete Wealth Management. And, this isn’t his first brush with controversy. His Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck record shows he’s been subject to three other customer disputes regarding allegations of suitability and a failure to follow instructions.

Facts reveal that one-fifth of financial advisors face disciplinary action. With this alarming statistic, investors must remain vigilant about their chosen financial advisors’ past performance, staying up-to-date on their BrokerCheck records.

Simplifying the FINRA Rule

The term ‘suitability,’ a cornerstone principle of FINRA’s regulations, frequently appears in San Pedro’s complaint record. So what exactly does it mean? Under the FINRA Rule 2111, financial advisors are obligated to recommend only investments and strategies that align with their client’s needs and objectives. If an advisor suggests unsuitable or inappropriate investments, they can face legal and regulatory action.

Consequences and Lessons Learnt

Given these allegations, San Pedro could face severe consequences, both professionally and legally. This could include monetary fines, further legal action, and potentially dismissal from the Arete Wealth Management firm.

For investors, these allegations and their potential fallout serve as a stark reminder to remain vigilant in their investing journey. Thoroughly researching any potential advisors, staying apprised of any allegations or complaints against them, and having a clear knowledge of your own investing needs and risk tolerance is paramount. While trusting professionals with financial decisions is often necessary, remember to treat your investments like you would your health—second opinions are always wise, and no one should care about your financial wellness more than you.

By focusing on these principles, investors can better protect their financial future from the potential pitfalls of unsuitable advice or unethical behavior.

To access Ray Anthony Garrido San Pedro’s FINRA BrokerCheck, click here.

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